Camshaft Manufacturing


Euclid Industries has manufactured OEM and aftermarket camshafts since 1995.

Our manufacturing capabilities include the following:


  • Dedicated machines for turning and milling cam shaft blanks
  • Custom multiple fixture gun drilling
  • Dedicated lobe milling machine
  • Induction heat treating for lobes and journals
  • Magnaflux inspection equipment
  • Grinders for finishing journals
  • Testing and inspection equipment


We have implemented automation and dedicated gauging where necessary to produce high quality camshaft blanks that are ready for the finish lobe grinding operation by our customers.  Our OEM quality includes dedicated in-process gauging and Adcole 911 CMM.


Our camshaft department is fully tooled for manufacturing camshafts for multiple GM LS engine designs, Ford 5.0 ltr Coyote engines, and Chrysler Hemi applications.